SMS Gateway by is a service for you to send SMS via Web to mobile handsets, providing you with the functionality to:
Send SMS to many at once with your private online addressbook
Send in all languages, including Greek (160 characters length), Arabic, and all Unicode (UCS-2) character sets
2-Way SMS services, (soon to be launched)
Send Alerts or Scheduled SMS at a predefined date/time set by you
Send Merged SMS to personalize SMS with either a {firstname} and/or {lastname} when sending many SMS at once
Send SMS to more than one group simultaneously (Merged Group SMS) so common numbers receive SMS once
PDA access via non graphic pages
Send SMS via Email (Email2SMS) to individuals and groups
GroupShare – secure, private method of sharing groups between users
Use your own predefined Alphanumeric sender ID when sending SMS
Send SMS from Web and get replies on your handset
Help & 24/7 ticket support system plus online chat assistance & knowledgebase
Detailed report logging of SMS sent & export to file
Account ledger for SMS sent, value of SMS used and purchased
Buy SMS credits @ competitive rates via secure methods
Multiple Network of SMS gateways (SMSc) acting as routers to assure delivery of SMS even when there is a network routing shutdown by a mobile terminated carrier
Alternative route selector
Application Program Interface (API) for your development requirements
Second backup SMS server available when main server host is not reachable, with all of your details and phonebook being available for use.
Member and participant of for the prevention of spam sms
Develop a friendly relationship and gain the possibility of partnering with us, and enjoy the benefits the future of SMS & MMS have to offer
Affiliate or Reseller programs including your own branded sms service site