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Benefits of Booklet Brochure Printing

Booklet brochure printing provides a number of benefits to help you boost your business and make a statement to your clients. When looking at all the promotional printing opportunities available through print shops, this type of printing can provide you with numerous advantages to take full advantage of.

One of the biggest benefits that booklet brochure printing offers is the number of pages you can take advantage of. Unlike a basic brochure, you can choose between eight and forty eight pages in various sizes to meet your goals and objectives. It makes this print solution ideal if you want to provide your customers with a brochure brimming with new or on sale products, enabling them to go through the booklet to find what they are looking for and take advantage of the offers you are promoting.

Another advantage to this print solution is that it enables you to create something completely unique to hand to your customers. You can choose one or two pages to promote your company and the products and services you offer and then go on to list the products, complete with high quality graphics, enabling you to make a statement and ensure your customers are aware of your brand, products and more.

If you’re looking to portray a professional image then this print solution is the one for you. Unlike basic printing, the booklet brochure printing options ensure the highest quality and give you a good quality item you can proudly hand to your clients. Image is everything, image is at the top of the list with service and quality. So if you’re looking for a way to make a positive impact on your clients and get them to see you as a professional company, then you need to think outside of the box in terms of your marketing materials.

In addition to all the benefits that booklet brochure printing provides, you will be pleasantly surprised by the price. These are affordable marketing solutions which can give you a great return on your investment. The printing isn’t expensive, most print shops will provide you with digital and offset print solutions, helping you keep the cost to the minimum and helping you stay within your marketing budget each and every month.

You will also find that booklet brochure printing gives you the ability to make a great first impression on prospective clients. When you meet a client for the first time or whether you’re just doing general knock and drop marketing, handing one of these printed materials can ooze professionalism and make a fantastic first impression that is remembered. You want your clients to remember you when they next need a product or service you provide, creating that good first impression can go a long way in the future.

You can make quite a statement when you hand your clients a product that they can hold onto and that provides them with valuable and relevant information about your company and the products you supply. Chances are when clients are given such a high quality product, they will not throw it away. These are the types of items that end up in the draw until needed or on the desk until an order needs to be placed.

The final benefit of booklet brochure printing is that it provides you with a high quality and tangible item you can hand to your clients. These are items you can carry with you and hand out at events, conferences or just in the street and that can boost your visibility and increase your market share.

Source by Ramachandran R

Capiz, Philippines, Asia Cut Foliages and Cut Flowers


Following the collapse of the prawn industry in the mid-80’s, an interesting industry slowly emerged in the early 90’s as dynamic and aggressive women entrepreneurs turned their expensive hobby into a multi-million profitable and enjoyable “sunshine” industry. This paved the way to the birth of the Floriculture Industry in the Province of Capiz. From an obscure industry, it grew to become one of the rapidly expanding agri-business sectors in the province today involving more than 5,000 stakeholders, florists, landscape artists, contractors, technologists, input providers, farm technicians and gardeners.

Capiz is a major producer of potted orchids and orchid cutflowers, landscape materials, fresh foliages and potted ornamental plants in the whole of the Visayas. It is also recognized as one of the sources of the best and rarest ferns in the country today. Presently, it is slowly building a name as the premier source of exportable cutfoliages in the country.

Roxas City leads in the number of producers in the province with ten (10) commercial farms located here. It is also considered as the marketing center with the presence of 4 trading outlets such as the Paseo de Catedral, Balay Kapisnon, Teodoro Arcenas Trade Center, and Talon Garden Center. It is followed by the municipalities of Sigma, Dao, Panay and Ivisan. As of December 2005, total land area devoted to floriculture is estimated to be more than a hundred hectares.

Underlying the strength of the industry is the Capiz Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CMPC) which serves as the primary coordinating body of the cutflower and ornamental plant growers province-wide. It works closely with relevant national government agencies (NGAs), local government units (LGUs) and industry associations to provide an enabling business climate for the industry to develop and grow. All of the big producers in the province are members of the Capiz MPC. It is a duly registered organization with the Cooperative Development Authority and Department of Trade and Industry.

The local ornamental industry cluster is composed of the core industries, the supplier industries, and other industries that provide related and other services. The cluster is made of interlinked and interdependent key and supporting industries and institutions.


A unified, self-reliant, environment-friendly and globally competitive Floriculture Industry towards the improvement of the quality of life of its members and the community and be known as the “Cutfoliage Capital of the Philippines”

Service & Input Providers – this category include the following:

Landscape Artists – those who provide landscaping services to households, public and commercial buildings, subdivisions, memorial parks, others. There are about 9 known professional landscape artists in the province at present.

Floral Artists -those who provide floral arrangement services for such occasions as weddings, funerals, debut, graduation, product launching, grand openings, etc. Most of the floral artists are concentrated at the Paseo de Catedral located near the Roxas City Metropolitan Cathedral since they are also cutflower traders.

Cutflower/Ornamental Plant Traders – are those who are engaged solely in selling cutflowers and ornamental plants. They either sell in a permanent stall/place (such as Balay Kapisnon, Paseo de Catedral) or are ambulatory (as most of the traders during municipal/city market days).

Input providers – include those who are engaged in selling of garden inputs and accessories such as organic fertilizers (Hacienda Olive), terra cotta/plastic pots, and soil-less plant medium.

Industry Status and Performance



The province produces only few varieties of cutflowers in commercial-scale. These are orchids (white dendrobiums), roses, and asters (white & lilac). Other low-grade varieties produced in limited scale include dahlias, azucena, African daisies, assorted heleconias, and gladiolus (orange). Orchid cutflower and heleconias were at their production peak from1995 to 2000 with 4 commercial farms producing an aggregate yield of 1,500 dozens per week. Production volume slowly dropped over the past 5 years as more and more flowers coming from outside of the province flooded the local market. Presently, only 1 farm is growing orchids.

Fresh foliages and Live Plants

The foliage plants comprise 80% of the ornamental plants industry in Capiz and has become an important source of livelihood for many families. Most foliage plants are grown in commercial farms and backyard gardens of Sigma, Dao, Panay, Ivisan and Roxas City.

The foliage plants are sold either as cut, potted or live plants. Potted plants serve as indoor and landscaping plants, while cutfoliages are for floral arrangements.

The demand for foliage plants is increasing. For the last 10 years, foliage plants whether as cut or live, have the biggest share in the export market. At present, Capiz is the only province exporting cutfoliages to Japan in the whole of Luzon and the Visayas.

Major Products Sold

The products and services of the industry include cutflowers, potted flowering plants and greens, cuttings, cutfoliage, landscaping materials, non-soil rooting media, floral arrangement services, landscaping services.

A. Cutflowers – are so called because they are detached from parent plants and are formed into bouquets, leis, arrangements, centerpieces and the like. They are grown and traded for their aesthetic value. They are given away in appreciation and as an expression of love, joy, and encouragement on such occasions as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and special events like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and All Saints’/Souls’ Day. Major cutflowers produced by the province are orchids such as dendrobiums, and vanda terrete; roses, puto-puto, heleconias and gladiola.

B. Filler Flowers – includes white and lilac asters, and baby’s breath.

C. Cut and Containerized Foliage Plants – refers to fresh leaves, twigs and branches cut fresh and utilized in floral arrangement, evergreen, and foliage plants grown in container for interior and exterior decorations. Major cut foliage produced by the province are dracaenas, polycias, palmeras, song of India, song of Korea, kamuning, cordylines, bottlebrush, rhappis and ferns.

D. Pot Plants – flowering annuals, shrubs, herbaceous perennials grown in containers used for exterior and interior decorations. Most popular flowering pot plants grown here include orchids, euphorbia, hibiscus, and bromeliads.

Landscaping Materials – plants consisting of evergreen and flowering trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, grass covers and furglass used for landscaping purposes. The following are some of the high-value palms grown in the province: Champagne, Bismarck, Hawaiian Fox Tail, Red & Blue Palm, and Sugar Palm. Meanwhile, some of the widely grown ground covers include mundo grass, golden peanuts, carabao grass, Bermuda grass, and chichi Rica.

Non-Soil Rooting Media- coco coir/dust, organic fertilizer, drift woods, fern wood and chips.

Organic Fertilizer – locally produced and manufactured soil enhancers. One of the brands commonly used is RANCAP which is made by Hacienda Olive in Pontevedra.

Services – landscaping, flower arrangement, plant cliniquing/ consultancy

Existing Trade Houses

1. Paseo de Catedral

Arsobizpo St., Roxas City

2. Balay Kapisnon

McKinley St., Roxas City

Tel. No. (036) 621-3445

3. Talon Garden Center

Primer de Mayo Street, Roxas City

VII. Industry Potentials

The industry has vast potential for development because of the following factors:

Available Technology and Support

§ Availability of suitable production technologies from external sources.

§ Government and research institutions such as DTI, DA/BPI, DOST, PCARRD could very well provide the needed technical and logistical support for the development of the industry.

§ Production technologies are available for essential oil extraction which has big demands in the domestic and export markets.

Strong labor force and growers’ association

§ Affiliation to industry associations at the national level

§ Existence of the Capiz Multi-purpose Cooperative, which serves as the umbrella organization of all cutflower and ornamental plant growers in the province.

§ The province has a supply of trainable labor force.

Favorable Environment

The province has no pronounced dry or wet season which is well suited to grow ornamental plants. The province is likewise seldom visited by strong typhoons.

Vast tracts of land are still available for development.

Growing Demand

Growing international and domestic demand due to the growing appreciation of the aesthetic value and environmental importance of ornamental crops.

Proximity to other Asian market which places Capiz in a good position to serve emerging markets.

Opening of the Iloilo international airport enhances capability for international trading.

VIII. Projections

Imports (intra-national & international)

Fresh cutflowers will dominate the province’s imports of ornamental plant products. These imported flowers are those which are not locally produced due to climatic conditions such as chrysanthemums, lilies, roses, anthuriums, stattice, gerberas, carnation and some varieties of gladiolas. Coming in close, will be other live plants, cuttings and slips which will also be used as planting materials or mother plants. Far in third rank are orchid seedlings. Flowers have seasonal demands

Source by Duane Cartujano

Is VoIP Reselling a Profitable Business?

As it is a known fact that VoIP resellers feature lower down the hierarchical order of VoIP business, there arises a question whether they can make a good profit margin while extending their services to end users. The answer is a big “YES” as it opens up potential business opportunities for them which most fail to comprehend.

No matter at whichever level you are tagged on in the VoIP business hierarchy, you can still make a fortune with the kind of services you’re enabled to offer to your subordinate levels. So, as a reseller you can scale up your business growth efficiently only if you’re able to ensure seamless business run as indicated below.

Expand your business boundaries

Most resellers focus on transmitting VoIP services from retailers to end users or other resellers. Apart from this, you will have to concentrate on different set of end users such as call centers, educational institutions, small and mid-sized businesses, etc., which can guarantee good returns in order to make your business more competitive. Thus, expansion of business is possible through VoIP reselling for your increased revenue generation.

Choice of Routes

Generally, the voice call quality through VoIP depends on the internet connection as well as the routes subscribed by VoIP service providers/retail VoIP providers. Though nothing can be done with respect to internet connection by them, they can definitely manage the routes with the help of softwitch based on the number of concurrent calls it can process. The routes can be classified as:

  1. Standard Routes: The voice quality is always standard in nature with any number of concurrent calls.
  2. Premium Routes: The voice quality is crystal clear irrespective of the number of concurrent calls.
  3. Grey Routes: The voice quality dips as the number of concurrent calls increases.

Thus, as a reseller you should be aware of these route choices so that you can accordingly seek them from your wholesaler. A softswitch can help you make the combinational choice of these routes to ensure decent voice quality for your end users while bringing more profits to your business. So, see that your wholesaler has a robust softswitch that has this provision.

Advanced Softswitch

As mentioned, the role of softswitch is very critical for successful VoIP reseller business. Most softswitches don’t support billing functionality so it will pose a big problem for you to track customer transactions/accounts and bill them accordingly leading to ineffectual customer service. This will eventually result in huge loss for your business as there would be no transparency in tracking the balance talk time. Hence, an advanced wholesale softswitch that also supports billing functionality has to be procured from your wholesaler to ensure risk-free business environment.

In addition to above, ensure that the SIP clients provided by your wholesaler support advanced features such as Video Conferencing, SMS, Instant Messaging, Call Transfer, File Sharing, etc., in order to provide seamless VoIP services to end users.

Source by Nagendran Pulathota

Indirect Prospecting Vs Direct Prospecting

 For many entrepreneurs, starting a small business is the easy part. The work really begins when trying to find new customers to purchase your products and/ or services. However, you’ll never realize until you’re in it: direct prospecting and indirect prospecting is challenging, but vital to your success. After all, who does like to sell? I know I don’t. That feeling creeps up, and you suddenly feel like a college graduate asking your parents for money. But it is important, so I have chosen this for the topic of the day.

When it comes to prospecting, it is important to reach as many potential customers as possible. As long as you remember that prospecting is more of a mindset than an activity, you will be well on your way to succeeding in your hunt for customers. In order to succeed at prospecting, you must always be on the look out for possible prospects. And remember that your competence or vast knowledge about your product line will not amount to any sales if you do not have a qualified prospect.

Give Away Something of Value

I guarantee your prospects will remember the guy that showed up on their doorstep (or email), and just gave them something of value for free. When is the last time someone did that for you? Too often, free is never really free. Make it free! They’ll remember you for it. WuFoo and the Plan to Start Network are just a few of the many companies who are defining their business models around this concept.

So, what do you as the small business owner get in return? You gain brand trust, higher customer retention rate, and your sales will SKYROCKET. The majority of prospects really are looking for you: a company they can be loyal to, who is good to them. Provide them with that.


Whatever strategy you have in place for your direct or indirect prospecting, it is important to make your prospecting routine. For this, you should set aside a specific time of the day or the week for prospecting either through phone calls or sending out emails. Always remember that your prospecting is just as important as any other business activity so avoid the temptation of postponing or avoiding it altogether. Do whatever it takes and remain focused at this time, even if it means shutting your door or holding all other calls.


In order to succeed at direct or indirect prospecting, you need to be organized and keep proper records of your activities. For this you may need a computerized contact system to keep track of your responses, future prospects and appointments.


Being successful at direct or indirect prospecting, doesn’t mean you need to have a script in place. But don’t just read out the script for your prospects over the phone as they are likely to hang up on you. Instead, practice and rehearse until your message is fine tuned and sounds natural. The more practice you have, the more confidence you will have when prospecting. Remember that when prospecting, your aim is to obtain information and secure an appointment, and not to sell your products to the prospect over the phone.


Always try to make contact as quickly as possible when dealing with a new prospect. This is because there is no guarantee that they will be available or interested the next time you come calling. And never wait for your prospect to call you as they may never. Keep in mind that there are many other interests vying for their money and time – so why should they call you?

Play Fair

When involved in direct or indirect prospecting, always play fair. This means avoiding the temptation to malign your competitors or making personal attacks. This is not what will sell your product to your prospect. Instead, you may make some comparisons between your product and that of your competitor while emphasizing the benefits of your product in terms of price and quality. The key is to guide your prospect into making up their mind to go with your product.

Source by Christopher DeLinche

Direct Sales – What Are Filler Advertising Packs?

I am often asked “What are filler ad packs?” by other Direct Sales Consultants. Filler Ad Packs are also known as Filler Advertising Packs but for the sake of this article we will use the common usage term of Filler Ad Packs.

Direct Sellers started making up Filler Ad Packs a few years ago as a means to market their Direct Sales Businesses.

Let me explain what they are and then give you a few ideas on what you can do to make your own creative filler packs.

Filler Ad packs are little zipper close bags measuring approximately 3 inches by 5 inches in size. Some people do use non-zipper close bags but then you will need a ribbon, staple, or other item to close your bag. Once you make up several of your little Filler Ad Packs, you will want to find other Direct Sales consultants to swap Filler Ad Packs with. That consultant will hand out your Filler Ad Packs at her home parties and with her customer orders and you will do the same with your customers.

It’s a win-win situation for both consultants involved as it is getting your business information out there to new people you might not of reached on your own.

Enclosed in the little bags are a few things such as:

Business Card

Discount Coupon

Sample of a Product (or) a little promotional giveaway item

It doesn’t matter what type of Direct Sales Company you are with, there is always some type of item that you can use to create your own Filler Ad Pack.

Here are some creative ideas to get you started.

Direct Sales: Candle Businesses

tealight candles, match books, mini scratch and sniff cards with candle scents, pens, pencils, magnets, candle burning tip sheet, mini candle snuffers, mini note pads or even little birthday cake candles.

Kitchen and Gourmet Food Businesses

recipe cards, spice sample packs, cookbook bookmarks, corn cob holders, mini pill boxes, cocktail drink umbrellas, refrigerator magnets, shopping list pads, mini note pads, chore lists, kitchen cleaning tip list, pens, pencils, kitchen scoops, mini chip bag clips, printed food gift container labels, spice jar labels, mini herb garden seed packs, single serving tea bags, single packets of instant coffee, coffee pods, bottle openers and jar grippers.

Book Consultants

bookmarks, printed children’s coloring pages, book ID plates, chore lists, mini note pads, pens, pencils, mini erasers, business card magnets, stickers, mini desk top calendars and ABC children’s refrigerator magnets.

Jewelry Consultants

magnetic business cards, jeweled bobby pins, hair barrettes, pony tail holders, samples of jewelry cleaner, jewelry cleaning tip sheet, pens, pencils, extra earring backs and inexpensive jewelry charms.

Cosmetic, Bath and Body, and Skincare Consultants

magnetic business cards, product samples, mini note pads, pens, pencils, skincare tip sheet, extra eye shadow sponge applicators, make-up sponge, sample pack of cotton swabs, cotton balls, samples of bubble bath, samples of body lotion and mini fingernail files.

Craft and Art Consultants

mini printed children’s coloring pages, pens, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, kids scissors, magnets, mini 4pk. crayons, mini colored pencils, paint brushes, chalk, stickers and balloons.

Miscellaneous Items such as these can also be used:

mini vinyl window clings, temporary children’s tattoos, all occasion gift tags, individually wrapped hard candy, packs of gum, mini wallet sized calendars, emergency id cards, key fobs, garden seed packs, paper clips, colored staples, mini blowing bubbles, and scratch off discount coupons.

Source by Shelly Hill

Facebook’s New ‘Click-To-WhatsApp’ Ads Will Start Chats With Businesses

Facebook has always given a very nice feast for its users. All the features have always amazed its users with its outstanding creativity. Now the Facebook has come up with the new feature of advertisement unit, with ‘Click-to-WhatsApp’. This will allow the users to message and call via WhatsApp, with a simple option of clicking button.

This new feature of Facebook has really thrilled many of the people. The businesses can leverage this feature and do WhatsApp Marketing very easily. This feature has given the advantage to the customers of your business to use Facebook ads to directly message on WhatsApp. The businesses can easily approach its customer directly. Many of the businesses are already using WhatsApp to communicate for their business purpose. It is a very convenient and faster way of communicating in business with its customers and other well-wishers. Businesses will be much simpler in the real sense, once the WhatsApp button is added to the Facebook ads of the business.

The businesses can easily leverage the benefits of this cross-platform amalgamation and keep the audience engaging with the businesses. This feature of the Facebook allows it to use a very dependable data for the businesses. This feature acts as a WhatsApp Marketing software for the businesses, where the company can easily do the marketing of its services.

How it works:

The business basically needs to have WhatsApp number on the Facebook ads and then these ads can easily be sent to the users of the Facebook who have the WhatsApp installed in their cell. To initiate the chat, the WhatsApp number needs to be added to the businesses. Then further, the ad image will appear on the conversation of the WhatsApp as a reminder for the people. In this way, the businesses can chat very easily with the audience, which will give the thrilling experience to connect with your business for a longer duration. The businesses can reach its large number of customers, making this feature just like Bulk WhatsApp sender software.

This feature of Facebook may appear similar to its click-to-Messenger button, which it had earlier introduced. However, the Click-to-WhatsApp ads appear more beneficial for the small and medium-sized businesses. This new feature of Facebook definitely embarks a new pattern in the marketing style for the businesses. The small and medium business should have to leverage this feature and boost up its business. The Click-to-WhatsApp feature of Facebook will make a great impact on the audience.

Source by Golam Ambia

Benefits of Political Marketing

Marketing is not only limited to selling or promoting a product or service. Nowadays, the political world makes use of the power of marketing mainly to gain an advantage against their opponents. Political marketing, or politicking as it has been informally coined, is a common worldwide practice that influences the people to choose a candidate. It puts a person in a desirable position, like how marketers highlight a product or service’s good points.

Political marketing is a way to make the public aware of a party or candidate’s ideology or stance on certain issues. It helps make the public be at ease with a group, allowing them to earn their trust and satisfy their political needs. It is a medium for understanding what the public wants the parties to stand for or to act upon. It puts them in a favorable position, avoiding risks and issues that can destroy the image of the candidate.

Political marketing is neither cheap nor easy. It requires patience and research. With proper investigating, a marketer will be able to do the following:

1. Identify the current position on the politician. See which areas need to be improved and how to improve them. If the candidate is not looking good to the public in regards to a certain issue, a new strategy might be needed.

2. Identify an effective approach. Just like advertising a product, there are many effective ways to put information out in the market that will generate a desirable feedback. A live forum may be more effective over a TV appearance. A city visit may leave a better impression than a simple handing out of flyers. Social media may also help to get votes from the younger generations. It will all depend on what the marketer sees as most effective.

3. Identify what the public wants. Sometimes people do not really know what they want until it introduced to them. This can be the case when it comes to political marketing. The public may believe that position A is the best option, until a candidate shows them or makes them believe that position B is the best way to go.

With these, it is safe to say that proper political marketing can really influence people’s decision making. This may sound like you’re taking advantage of them, but it certainly will help the candidate reach their goal.

Political marketing can also make a candidate look good with the media. If the media people fall in love with the candidate, chances are, they always show their good side to the public. Just as in advertising, the public should only see the good side of the product. As soon as the public sees a flaw, they can use that to question the candidate’s credibility, which will pose a great problem.

It is important to hire a smart political marketer, somebody who knows how to avoid loopholes. Also, be creative with whatever strategies you use. A smart marketer will be able to get you to your goal without having to do the same thing that the public may be bored with.

Source by Wendy W James

Flyers As A Promotional Tool For Your Small Business

Flyers are the perfect marketing tool for all businesses. They provide enough space, while also giving you the opportunity to connect with your prospects on a personal level. Connecting on this personal level is what allows you to form relationships, as well as allow you to blanket entire regions with your brand. They can be left in public places, cars, doors and even mailed. With these reasons in mind, it is important to recognize the fact that these flyers are possibly the easiest way to get in touch with your customers, while also building long lasting relationships. Below are the top three tips to get started on your flyer marketing campaign.

Paper – Make sure that the paper of your flyer is something that is durable. By having a durable paper, the likelihood of your flyer being passed around increases fourfold. By having your flyer passed around, you are not only enabling a word of mouth marketing campaign, but you are also tripling the effects of your marketing. So be sure that the paper you choose is a heavy cardstock. This will enable it to be passed around, as well as enable the recipient to clearly read the marketing material once it has made its rounds.

Copy – Make sure that the copy of the flyer is something that speaks to your target demographic. So try and engross yourself in your target’s lifestyle. Surround yourself in the things they surround themselves in and analyze the tone of the copy that they use in their materials. Then try to emulate a similar tone in your marketing materials. By using a similar tone, your recipient will be comfortable reading it, as well as be well adjusted in knowing what your business is about.

Shape – Try to go for a shape that is not rectangular. This will help in not only help in getting their attention, but will also help in delivering a message that is straight fourth and to the point. Just be sure that the shape embodies what your business. For example, dentists will often print flyers in the shape of teeth, toothbrushes, or a set of lips. This grabs instant attention and lets you set the tone for your marketing collateral.

When you are done, be sure to get the feedback from your friends, family and coworkers. Then take this feedback and apply it to the flyer, as well as your other printed collateral. This will help in not only producing the best marketing materials, but will also help in creating the best marketing and advertising campaign for your small business.

Source by Melanie C Turner

Direct Sales – Over 70 Places to Leave Catalogs and Find Customers

A tremendous amount of the effort of a successful direct seller is finding prospects for your product, and then quickly and efficiently qualifying their needs. Learning not to waste a prospect’s time, or yours, when your offering doesn’t fill their needs is one of the best skills you can acquire.

That said, you do want to continuously feed prospects into your “qualifying” machine. And, I don’t know about you, but I always seem to finish the season with a hand full of now outdated catalogs, brochures, etc. Don’t throw them away! These become excellent leave-behinds to get your product information into the marketplace.

First, make certain that your contact information is stamped, written, or labeled in the appropriate section of the material. In addition, I use my word processing program and make up a bunch of sticky labels that I put front and center on the catalog with the following:

“Please enjoy my catalog! If you would like to see the current edition, or find out more about our products, please contact me at XXX.”

Following is a list of place to leave your expired or out-of-season material. I didn’t make up this list – but I’ve had it for years, and you may have seen it before too. I suspect someone created it a long time ago, and it’s been edited and added-to, and grown since then. I added several ideas myself. I don’t take credit, but I also don’t know where to give it!

70+ Places To Leave Catalogs

· doctor’s offices

· dental offices

· mechanic’s waiting rooms

· laundry mats

· college campuses

· public restrooms

· library

· hair salons

· tax preparation offices

· orthodontist offices

· insurance offices

· dry cleaners

· Dairy Queen/Baskin Robbins

· bagel shops

· donut shops

· deli’s


· veterinarian’s offices

· nail salons

· day care centers

· retirement homes

· model new-home centers

· real estate agent offices

· 7-11’s or corner stores

· in front of magazines at check out lines

· with your tip at restaurants

· with toll booth collectors

· grocery store clerks

· video stores

· dressing rooms

· with bank tellers

· shoe stores

· kids resale shops

· Gymboree centers

· temporary staff offices

· flower shops

· restaurants

· pet stores

· dance studios

· grocery stores where you leave your ads

· mortgage offices

· computer stores

· school administration offices

· fabric stores

· the bakery

· print shops

· cashiers at dealerships

· tanning salons

· vitamin stores

· sales people at any store

· senior activity centers

· walk-in medical clinic waiting rooms

· credit unions

· restaurant supply stores

· park benches

· bus stops

· pharmacies

· bowling alleys

· clerks at post offices

· airline seat back pockets

· commuter trains

· law office reception area

· office break rooms (with permission)

· gas station attendants

· movie theater lobbies

· printshops

· furniture stores

· places where you pay your bills

· cable offices

· water and gas utilities

· any place where there are women receptionists or secretaries

· telephone answering services

*airplane seat back pockets

Copyright 2011

Source by Kimberly Bates

In Direct Sales – Ditch Your Frank List and Use Target Marketing

For most of us in Direct Sales, 10 new recruits equals a promotion – either for someone in our organization, or for ourselves. Sometimes it equals qualifications for a special incentive – perhaps a trip to some exotic locale, or maybe some designer jewelry.

Most of us, who follow the out-dated ideas that our upline offers have been spinning our wheels watching THEM earn trips and recognition, while we sit scratching our heads, wondering why we aren’t getting in on the action. I mean, after all, we’re doing exactly what they told us, exactly the way they told us to do it.

Is this happening to you?

Our upline said make a list of 100 people. Check.

Our upline said contact them all and ask them to “help” you get started. Check.

Our upline said it’s a numbers game, talk to everyone. Check.

Our upline said to stay away from running ads in the paper. Check.

Our upline said to do 3 way calls. Check

Our upline said bring our recruits to the opportunity meetings. Check.

Our upline said pass out 500 business cards each month. Check.

Is your team growing by leaps and bounds?

Our upline never told us to be an authority on our company’s best product (that would be YOU!).

Our upline never told us to market ourselves first, and the company second.

Our upline never presents us as the authority. They become the “guru” instead of us!

Our upline never told us we could use the Internet to build our businesses on autopilot.

It means you need to position yourself as the expert. Set yourself apart and start thinking and acting like a leader NOW. Change your mindset – even if you’ve been in the business for years, start thinking like a leader at the next pay level. Already at the top of your game? Great. Start thinking like the owner of your company.

By the way, YOU are the owner of your company. You have the best product to offer anyone – and that is YOU. You can’t get that product from any other company.

Christie Northrup, the Lemonaid Lady, is a champion of ditching the FRANK list. She talks about using “WILMA” instead:


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Target marketing is the best way to see desirable results. The Shotgun methods still work, but the amount of time and energy you put into growing a business that way is, to me, excessive.

Let’s break down the numbers. ASSUMING you can buy 500 business cards for just the cost of shipping (there are online companies that run specials periodically), You’ve got a $10 investment in materials, plus the time it takes to deliver all of them. From here, we have to make a lot of assumptions:

  • Assume you give away 30 at every party (3 to each guest – who needs 3 business cards?)
  • Assume you have 8 parties per month (that’s pretty standard in Direct Sales)
  • Assume you give away 1 to every person you meet outside a party (that’s another 260 people each month)
  • Assume it takes 1 minutes to deliver each card outside a party (and really, you’re not building a relationship, you’re just shoving a card into their hand)
  • Assume a 1% conversion rate

You’re spending 4 hours each month just giving away cards, plus the additional 24 hours you’ve spent preparing and doing your parties. And I must reiterate – who really needs 3 of your business cards? More to the point, who’s going to TAKE 3 of your business cards?

And if you give away 6,000 cards each year, you’ve got 60 new leads (about 5 per month) that may book, buy or recruit. Most of those will probably come from your shows anyway, to be honest. For $120 in business card expenses (plus other show and travels costs) and 336 hours of your life. Each POTENTIAL lead costs you $2 and 5.6 hours of your life!

Is your head spinning yet?

Now if you really, truly have no other method of building your business, it’s a start. But I hope you realize that there are other, better options to growing your business. You could definitely be putting that time (and money) to better use elsewhere.

Find a niche and fill it.

In direct sales, there are targeted groups of prospects for every product line available. All you have to do is ASK your home office what the target demographic is for your direct selling company. If they can’t tell you, you’ve got bigger problems. If you sell kitchen tools, who it your target market? Men? Women? What about age, income, ethnic origin? The more you focus, the smaller your market will be.

Smaller market=bigger return on investment

If you invest your time and money wisely in your target market, you can easily bring your time and money cost to less than half of what you would have paid for the shotgun business card method.

Think of it this way, would it be wise for a retailer to send advertisements to everyone in an entire city, when all they sell is children’s clothing? Absolutely not! A better use of their advertising dollars would be to focus on places where there are mothers of children who want/need their kind of clothing. Moms buy the clothes, not the kids (in most cases), so it’s wise to find out where they buyers are.

Think about your product? Who are the most likely buyers? Yes, contrary to what your upline has told you, it IS okay to pre-judge. At least for now. Focus in on that market. You know where they are most likely to spend their money (with you!), now figure out where they are most likely to spend their time. Go there. Market yourself THERE.

You’ve heard it said before that parties/demos are the life blood of a direct sales business. Your most targeted market is right in front of you – in a semi-captive group. This is a place where you would NOT want to pre-judge. Everyone is there for a reason. That reason may be you.

Source by Lisa Young